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Are Wild Animals Moving into the Cities?

Wildlife in Chicago

There has been a trend among the wildlife. They have been moving into the Chicago metropolitan area. These animals have been finding is easier to adapt in the city environment. They have been adjusting themselves to residing in a small environment. This has been a slow occurrence in Chicago. This change in wildlife living has also been occurring all over the world. These animals have been creeping into the big cities. The following is a list of a few complaints from citizens.

These examples include:

  • Coyotes sightings; These sightings have come from Los Angeles all the way to New York.
  • Mountain Lion in Griffith Park
  • Bears in Nevada
  • Red foxes colonizing in London

There are some researchers who hold the belief that citizens of urban areas ought to be prepared for large carnivores moving in. It has been noted that there are wild animals who are doing everything possible in order to live amongst the humans.

Climate Change and City Wildlife

 There are many individuals who believe that the wild animals are moving into cities due to climate change. It is thought that the conservation efforts may be attracting them. Chicago has gotten much greener. The green elements are very appealing to wildlife. There is one other change that has slowly been occurring amongst animal the wildlife. It is safe to state that this is a change in relationships. The wildlife has had a different view of the city. They are not as fearful as their ancestors were in the past.

Discouraging the Wildlife in Chicago

 If wildlife becomes an issue in your home, or if you notice any wildlife walking amongst people, it is an excellent idea to contact professionals who have the training and the experience to manage wildlife. It is not a good idea to try and handle wildlife on your own. This is a problem that offers many humane solutions. The specialists will have the proper equipment and the skills to safely manage any wildlife issues. There are some tips that everyone can do in order to discourage wildlife from their environment.

These tips include:

  • Removing easy access to food in an area; this includes pet food kept outdoors and garbage items
  • If you spot a coyote shout and make much noise; this will instill a fear of humans in them
  • Do not encourage a friendly relationship with wildlife; It is healthy for the wildlife to have a natural fear of human beings. If you befriend wildlife then they will be more attracted to you and your environment.

These are just a sample of methods that might discourage wildlife within your space.

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