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A Touching Raccoon Rescue Shows the Tender Side of Humane Removal and Wildlife Protection

Florida is infamous for their tropical storms. While the media tends to cover the property devastation and the truly tragic moments when a human life is taken, they rarely cover something a bit more touching. Tropical storm, Hermine, was one for the books; trees were struck by lightning and high gusts of wind, windows were broken, doors flew off the hinges, and the general beauty of Florida was temporarily blemished. In the midst of the chaos, though, a silver lining broke through the dispersing clouds.

Raccoons often make their nests in trees as it makes them out of the reach of their natural predators.

 Despite her efforts in trying to remove her babies from the nest before the storm hit, one mother was unsuccessful in saving all of her children. When their home tree was knocked down, the nest naturally came crashing down with it. When the storm subsided and people were left to pick up their neighborhoods, a fuzzy discovery was made.

Two baby raccoons were the victims of losing their home and, unfortunately, their mother. Left to fend for themselves during the storm, thankfully these two babies were alright. Approaching them with caution, citizens of a Point City neighborhood made certain that the little guys were out of harm’s way. Immediately, rescue services were called and the two were taken into custody, but not before a few videos and pictures were snapped of the premature pests.

 In custody, the two will be fed until they are adults. When they reach the necessary age, they will be released into the wild. Though they will never be reunited with their mother, the story of these babies could have ended far more tragically. Few people pay consideration to the animals during mother nature’s fury, which is the saddest factor of all. Wildlife is part of communities across the globe and it is important to recognize them for what they offer, especially the babies.

People are taught to never approach wildlife and while this is true, it does not mean that they should not remain vigilant if an animal should ever be in distress. The human race often gives nature too much credit by assuming that it will work itself out while concurrently forgetting that everybody needs help once in a while. Professional animal services enrich the lives of the communities that they provide for and that is truly a satisfying reality.

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